CRAZT FAST Web Hosting 10 Web Development Blogs to Level up Web Career.

10 Web Development Blogs to Level up Web Career.

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We all have different learning preference: some like videos, and others like books. And some of us like a little of both.

Here are ten popular blogs, all about coding.

1. SitePoint

Lots of writers mean lots of expertise. Because of their wide range of authors, SitePoint is able to publish often (usually multiple times a day) and cover a ton of topics. You can sort the blog by category (they have ten total), or simply browse the front page to view the latest articles.

2. David Walsh

This tutorial-style blog is extremely practical. It focuses much more on practice than theory, giving demos and examples to help teach aspiring web developers. David Walsh, who works as a senior developer at Mozilla, updates the blog frequently and writes on a wide variety of topics.

3. CSS-Tricks

Their almanac is where you should go to learn all things CSS, but despite the site name, CSS-Tricks covers more than one thing. While CSS is still, understandably, what the bulk of the content is about, the blog has published articles on JS, jQuery, PHP, and pretty much all things web development. Chris Coyier is the founder and writes most of the posts (1856 at last count!).

4. A List Apart

The variety of authors who write for A List Apart covers just about every topic relevant to web programming: design, development, content, technology, etc. Now and then they also write books and run events.

5. Matt Might

The website might look bare bones at first glance, but the content is better than the aesthetics. This blog covers a range of topics (not always coding-related), organized by heading on the front page. You could read articles under Programming Languages, Functional Programming, Compilation, Productivity, or a range of others. The articles are generally written in clear, accessible language.


This site is all about the tutorials. Posts are long and thorough and focus on giving you a thorough understanding of the tools and processes you’re using. Often the tutorials will have you building something in real time (or completing another type of task). If you like what you see on the blog, offers full courses as well.

7. Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky spent fifteen years running his blog, ultimately compiling over a thousand articles on it. They cover topics from business management to coding habits and software development. Although unfortunately, Joel has retired and is no longer publishing new posts, it’s well worth it to browse through past articles (he has a Top 10 list on the sidebar!).

8. Scott Hanselman

With thousands of subscribers and a miles-long resume, Scott Hanselman is one of the most popular coding bloggers out there. He’s been writing for over a decade, covering programming, technology, gadgets, the industry’s past and future, and more. (And if you’re tired of reading—he also runs three podcasts and a channel on Youtube!)

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