55 Web Design Blogs to Follow in 2019

Inspiration comes in many forms and professional development never ends. With that in mind, we have put together a massive list of web design blogs that can keep your brain fed for the entire year. But don’t worry. You won’t find any duds on this list. We respect your time and feel like you deserve […]

10 Web Development Blogs to Level up Web Career.

We all have different learning preference: some like videos, and others like books. And some of us like a little of both. Here are ten popular blogs, all about coding. 1. SitePoint Lots of writers mean lots of expertise. Because of their wide range of authors, SitePoint is able to publish often (usually multiple times a […]

The Non-Designer Guide To Hiring A Great Freelance Web Designer

Searching for a top-notch web designer to build your next website, but clueless about the difference between CSS and CSI? You may be uneducated as well about other criteria for good web design. That’s the point of the following guidelines. By covering some common design and front-end development considerations, these five topics may help you you grasp […]

Must Follow 16 Best Web Design Blogs In 2018

I am Prince Pal, Working as Creative Director at Think360 and Personally A UI/UX Designer. As a designer i am following many design blogs and read articles on daily basis. In the past I’ve had as many as 40+ blogs related to Web Design, Graphic Design, UX, UI, and the general web. I tried to feature best web design blogs […]

Top Website Building Tools For Beginners.

While all kinds of businesses are trying to use web for growth and spreading awareness, they find it difficult to build a website. They do not want to shell out money for hiring professionals who can do it for them. It does not mean they cannot have a website. In fact they can. There are […]

Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

Web servers are computers that respond to a browser’s request and deliver it through the internet. To get this service, you need to pay a hosting charge, though sometimes you get offers like web hosting Indiafree for a stipulated time. There are four types of web hosting    Shared Hosting: This type of hosting is very cheap as […]

Tips to Make Your Websites Load Faster

One of the most important considerations of building websites is to make sure they load quickly. Before you begin to optimize your site(s), it´s important to see how well they are functioning, first. One way to do this is to make use of the Make the Web Faster tools, by Google. Two other options you can […]

How Web Design is Changing

Change is the only constant in this entire universe. Even the world of web is not exempted from this cycle of change. If we take a look at the websites and the design of these websites, there has been always a change and all our latest developments are a result of this change. Look at […]